Ars Moriendi vs. Euthanasia: Understanding the Terms of the Debate (2018 CMA boot camp talk 3)

This talk was given at the 6th Annual Catholic Medical Association Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp at the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois on June 21, 2018. I begin with a very brief discussion of the Catholic understanding of love and the meaning of suffering and death, then define the terms needed to have a debate about euthanasia, then show the Catholic view on euthanasia, contrasting it with the vitalist and pro-euthanasia views. After that I have a discussion, including works of art, about Ars moriendi (The art of dying) and Memento mori (remembering your death), which are two rich Catholic traditions that have been lost, and which would be good to regain. There is about 20 minutes of q&a at the end.

Charlie Gard discussion with Christine Flowers

Christine Flowers July 3 2017

I was honored to be invited onto the Rich Zeoli show which was hosted that day by Christine Flowers on 1210AM CBSPhilly on July 3 to talk about the Charlie Gard case. Christine graciously created a podcast (and removed the commercials!) of just the hour that we discussed. We discussed among others, these topics: Catholic teaching on euthanasia, the 2 Vatican statements on Charlie Gard, Terri Schiavo, dying as a human act and redemptive suffering, palliative care, our culture, scarcity of resources and more. I also make an attempt at explaining why euthanasia is not compassionate. A few people call in as well. (Also, Hippocrates’ date is 500BC).